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This week: Facebook finally filed for its IPO, unleashing the expected onslaught of scrutiny and “like” puns.

Then of course, there’s Super Bowl Sunday coming up. Our favorite holiday here at Caliber (and the day before our New Year’s resolution to eat healthier can finally begin).This year so-called “preview ads” have been making the rounds on various social media channels. Admittedly, we prefer watching our ads the old-fashioned way, so we haven’t checked them out yet. That said, some advance screening could mean bathroom breaks might not have to be as rushed.

So, in case you’re not into the element of surprise, we’ve included some sneak peaks. And if you are, check out the round up of the best Super Bowl ads yet. Enjoy the game (and go Giants!)

Moving on, there’s been a lot of talk about Pinterest lately. In case you missed it, make sure to check out the infographic below. It’ll get you all caught up.

And finally, check out our blogs we wish we’d written for some great advice on how to be better at Twitter (our favorite post of the week) plus advice on integrating your email marketing and social media marketing efforts, and increasing your online presence on a budget.

Facebook news: The prospectus has been filed. It’s going to be huge. At the very lest it’s going to be talked about a lot.

For those of you interested in just-the-facts, check out these pieces:

That’s not to say the opinions out there aren’t worth a read. Not everyone is jacked up about this particular IPO (see the FT’s Facebook ought to ditch its public offering).

One area that really seems to have really riled people up is corporate governance. There are complaints about board composition (see the Atlantic’s provocatively titled Facebook’s shameful billionaire boys club) and voting rights – namely Zuckerberg’s 57% share (see Slate’s All Hail, Emperor Zuckerberg)

Then, of course, there’s the matter of the shares themselves. Institutional investors have been snapping up the stock via private pre-IPO exchanges, but the jury is still out on what retail investors will (or should) do. For more on this, you should definitely check out Reuters’ A sobering look at Facebook and from one of the The Wall Street Journal’s blogs: Facebook IPO: Should you invest in it?


Super Bowl ads:


Infographic of the week: Pinterest (and for more on Pinterest see: Study: Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, nearly on par with Twitter from Gizmodo)


Blog posts we wish we’d written:


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